ISSUE 10 - FALL 2020

Dear Readers,

These are times that call for action and collaborative effort. It has been a year of melancholy, and we are left to unravel the celebrations through creases. This year has made our collective consciousness realize how the economy is broken, how worth is often measured by notions of productivity than an intangible offering, and the need for systemic change. We create and publish Parentheses Journal because literature is radical in a multitude of ways. Ursula K. Le Guin observed, “The exercise of imagination is dangerous to those who profit from the way things are because it has the power to show that the way things are is not permanent, not universal, not necessary.”

Our editorial team moved to Canada early this year. We have been putting together each issue amid the uncertainty that is brought by these times, but with a steady gaze towards joy. This year marks our tenth issue, which is vital for our commitment to arts and humanities. As we publish every issue, we strive to incorporate a space of creative harness, and to abolish literary gatekeeping. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that reads, submits, and contributes to our publication.

We embark to incorporate changes to our publication schedule from now on, and are now a biannual publication. We hope that as this year comes to an end, you hold something holy within your palm and that it becomes a source of delight for you. We welcome your feedback and thoughts.

The Editors

ISSUE 10 Editors
Poetry Editor: Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Art / Photography / Fiction Editor: Harshal Desai
Fiction Editor: Cathy Ulrich

Front Cover Photo
‘At Ease’ by Moni Brar

Journal Layout and Cover Design
Harshal Desai


Myth, Or Luck As A Swan Boat – Gavin Yuan Gao

Disenthrall – Teresa K. Miller

Fortune – Teresa K. Miller

Dissection – Kanika Lawton

Barrels – Mohamed Elhassan

Summer, And We’re Running Out Of Ice – RaJon Staunton

Timbre – William Bortz

12 El Valiente РEsteban Rodríguez

One Piece Of Advice From My Father – Ed Doerr

Gossamer – Ottavia Paluch

The Softest Things – Dane Hamann

4 a.m. In An Uber At The End Of July – Jasmin Lankford

Portrait Of A Girl In Oil Paints – Dana Blatte

I Think I Love Ghosts – Martha Silano

Good For Your Insides – Sam Herschel Wein

Is Everything That Is Gone – Ashley Cline

Beach Day – Sandhya Ganesan

Petrichor – Jack B. Bedell

Poem That Swallows Its Own Tail – Jane Zwart

Reflections On Things That Rot – Mel Ruth

What Darkness Holds – Twila Newey

Identity Protection – Samantha Jones

Grievances – Sophie Zhu

Dear Mama – Nikita Bhardwaj

Summer: Between Two Houses – Hunter Blackwell

Lexicon Of Lost Words By Daughters – Sylvia Santiago & Jenny Wong

Neither Have I Wings – Kasey Jueds

Recipe For The Ones Who Forgot How To Love – Maria S. Picone


Prismatic – Kayla Eason

Bus 174 – Suchi Rudra

Alice – Vincent Poturica

Fledgling – Erin Calabria

Six Stages You Go Through After Your Best Friend Dies Two Weeks Before Her Wedding – Candace Hartsuyker


3 Photographs – Alice Becker

3 Photographs – Moni Brar

4 Photographs – Karin Hedetniemi


6 Artworks – Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad

6 Artworks – Soma Pradhan

4 Artworks – V. B. Borjen