There must be no voice underrepresented

Parentheses Journal is an international independent literary journal.

We create our own utopias in the imperfections of being. The voices contain within figments of dust and deep trenches, everyday harmonies, and soliloquies in the sand. The aesthetic of bent dust hardbacks and thick lettered illegible syntaxes in ancient caverns nudges. A semblance of everydayness, colloquial artifacts of experience, membranes of telling over war-frayed leaves rouses.

You belong.


Sneha Subramanian Kanta

Sneha Subramanian Kanta // Poetry Editor

Sneha Subramanian Kanta is a recipient of the prestigious GREAT scholarship and has earned a second postgraduate degree in literature from England. A Pushcart Prize nominee, her chapbook titled ‘Home is Hyperbole‘ won the Boston Uncommon Chapbook Series (Boston Accent Lit). She is the author of ‘Synecdoche(The Poetry Annals) and ‘Prosopopoeia(Ghost City Press). Her poems are published in Quiddity, The Penn Review, Flypaper Magazine, Geometry, and elsewhere. An old soul, she runs a patisserie and loves engaging with the culinary. A collector of ancient dictionaries, she uses autumn leaves as bookmarks. A trained mountaineer, she loves quaint towns and horses.

harshal desai

Harshal Desai // Art, Photography, and Fiction Editor

Harshal Desai is an entrepreneur, artist, and designer. His photography is published in National Geographic, Indianapolis Review, Shangai Literary Review, SoFloPoJo, Gravel Magazine, Ponder Review, Stonecoast Review, Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, Paradox Review, The Esthetic Apostle, Storm Cellar, Crooked Teeth Lit, Déraciné, The Ear, Open: Journal of Arts and Letters, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and elsewhere. His fiction has been published in Peacock Journal, Former Cactus, Tell Me Your Story, and Phenomenal Literature. He loves graphic novels, manga, the woods, and museums. He finds inner peace taking long walks while listening to Nordic heavy metal music.


Bhumika Choudhary // Fiction Reader

Bhumika Choudhary is an Indian born poet who primarily writes on identity, trauma, transitions, womanhood, and culture among other things. Bhumika is the Creative Non-Fiction Editor at Barren Press.

Emma Stevenson

Emma Stevenson // Fiction Reader

Emma Stevenson (@_ELStevie) is a freelance copyeditor, living and working in London. After graduating with an MA in cultural and intellectual history in 2018, she has undertaken editorial work experience and internships at a number of major and independent publishers. Aside from her editorial work, she loves to read and write. She is a relative newcomer to the online writing community, but has had her poetry published online by Constellate Journal and Burning House Press, and is currently working on a series of short stories, drawing on her grandmother’s uncanny anecdotes of living in London during WW2. As a reader, she is always seeking to explore the diversity of voices and stories that the world has to offer – but that regrettably aren’t always heard – and to be transported to new, unique and challenging realms of storytelling. When she’s not scribbling on the notes app on her phone, she’s cuddling kittens, playing Dungeons & Dragons, translating Latin spells or practising her limited Polish.

Nelson Charity John

Nelson Charity John // Fiction Reader

Nelson C.J is a writer of mostly lucid and experimental works, who has been published in Ambit Magazine, Brittle Paper, AfroPunk and a few other spaces. He is also a prose reader for Winter Tangerine and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.