There must be no voice underrepresented

Parentheses Journal is a new collaborative venture in the quest for sharing art, operating on the quintessence of art for art’s sake.

We create our own utopias in the imperfections of being. The voices contain within figments of dust and deep trenches, everyday harmonies and soliloquies in the sand. The aesthetic of bent dust hardbacks and thick lettered illegible syntaxes in ancient caverns nudges. A semblance of everydayness, colloquial artifacts of experience, membranes of telling over war-frayed leaves rouses.

You belong.

Founding Editors

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

Sneha is pursuing her second postgraduate degree in literature in the United Kingdom and has been awarded the GREAT scholarship. To her – poetry is a form of dissent. Postcolonial literature and literary theory and criticism are her areas of research interest.

Her work has appeared or is to appear in Quiddity, Ann Arbor Review, Front Porch Review, Sahitya Akademi, Aainanagar, moongarlic, Epigraph magazine, Peacock Journal and in international anthologies such as The Dance of the Peacock (Hidden Brook Press, Canada) and Suvarnarekha (The Poetry Society of India, India) and elsewhere.

Harshal Desai

Harshal is an artist and journeys through lenses of photography, inks of writing and creating. He has completed his Master of Design. He is inspired by sensory perceptions and is intrigued by realms of nature and anthropomorphism.

A keen learner with an innate striving for understanding everything around him, you can see him photograph on a regular day and take long walks. His poems and photography have been or are to be published in National Geographic’s Special, Life In Color, The Type Image, Fine Flu Magazine, Asian Signature Journal , 805 Lit, Door is a Jar Magazine