3 Photographs – Moni Brar


I use photography to bear witness to a brief moment in time, to better understand my reality, and to express my interpretation of the physical and cultural landscapes around me. I take pictures that seek out the beauty in small things, things that most people often overlook. My goal is to create photographs that evoke wonder and capture beauty whether it is infinitesimal or endless, banal or extraordinary. I love working with landscapes, attempting to illustrate evocative scenery as a motif to epitomize the wonders of the natural world.

This series was developed during what was intended to be a few weeks of COVID-induced reprieve but turned into seven months in the sun-drenched Okanagan. The summer seemed to stretch endlessly, and with limited human activity on the family farm this year, the flora and fauna flourished. Wild horses roamed the vineyards in record numbers, swaths of untouched baby’s breath sweetened the dry summer air, and the bones of a lonesome tree kept watch over it all.

All The Babies' Breath
Lone Wolf
At Ease
Moni Brar

Moni Brar is an uninvited settler on unceded territories of the Treaty 7 region and the Syilx of the Okanagan Nation. She is a Punjabi, Sikh Canadian exploring diaspora guilt, cultural oppression, and our surroundings. Her work appears or is forthcoming in PRISMHart House Review, Hobart, and untethered.

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