3 Photographs – Alice Becker


I use photography to identify and define the environment in ways viewers might not otherwise see or imagine. I am attracted to shapes, angles, patterns, textures and color contrasts. I am attracted to sites and locations that may have a daily reality but which I turn into an aesthetic reality as well. I focus naturally on these details for my work as I am drawn to them and their juxtaposition. I do not focus on any particular subject matter. I follow my instinct and interest or image at the moment and pursue my goal to take the reality of an image and highlight the image for the viewer to see in a different way.

Ground Cover 1
Ground Cover 2
Ground Cover 3
Alice Becker

Alice Becker is a former attorney now making art through photography. Although Alice most of her professional life in Seattle, Washington, Alice was raised by two artists in the Chicago area where she now lives. Her work has appeared in regional and national exhibitions, literary/art journals, the Seattle Times, and public spaces.

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