4 Photographs – Karin Hedetniemi


Karin Hedetniemi is a writer and photographer from Vancouver Island. She is drawn to natural perspectives in soft light, creating dream-like images that are ethereal, atmospheric, and timeless. Her sky, land and seascapes evoke feelings of nostalgia, memory, solitude, and quiet contemplation.

She often takes spontaneous photographs capturing the purity of a fleeting witnessed moment. You are alone in the world, startled by a movement that emerges from the stillness. A deer steps silently out of the woods. Birds uprush from the reeds. What is the world saying to you in these moments?

Karin Hedetniemi

Karin Hedetniemi lives in Victoria, BC where she photographs and writes about nature, inspirations, and being human. Her creative work is published/forthcoming in Prairie Fire, CutBank, Sky Island Journal, Barren Magazine, and elsewhere. She won the 2020 nonfiction prize from the Royal City Literary Arts Society. Website: AGoldenHour.com.

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