4 Artworks – V. B. Borjen


The series “Somewhere Ahead of Myself on the Road” comprises four paintings (various types of ink on paper) which are part homage, part impression, part inspiration, and part insight. None of these parts takes precedence. If they celebrate, they ask questions, too. If they make claims, they also expose the shadow side of things.

The Art of Continuity, the Continuity of Art
Borka Pavicevic - In Conversation
And When We Dreamt of Flying (After F. Balek)
Every Sunday of Our Lives
V. B. Borjen

V. B. Borjen’s first poetry collection in Bosnian, Priručnik za levitiranje(Levitation Handbook), won the 2012 Mak Dizdar Award. His work in English and his recent visual art have appeared in AZURE, The Esthetic Apostle, High Shelf, From Whispers to Roars, Honey & Limeand elsewhere.

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