4 Artworks – Kim Collins


My most recent series is of acrylic painted landscapes with a dramatic sky on canvas and recycled wood blocks. Inspired by personal travel photos, these saturated scenes were created as a visual escape, to provide solace during this unprecedented turbulent time. Multiple layers of various hues of colour create movement, richness and give dimension. The artwork evolves with the changing light throughout the day as areas of the canvas appear irregularly. For the viewer the artworks are dynamic and give the sense of a third dimension, an alternate reality, a portal of solace.

Holding On 30x36” acrylic on recycled polyester/canvas
Beach Sunset 14”x11” acrylic on canvas
Stormy Rodanthe 5.25”x5.25” acrylic on recycled block

Kim is a graphic designer (BEd, B.Des) and artist from Ontario with an extensive consumer product background. From her studio, Kim provides design excellence in marketing collateral and illustration for or both domestic and international clientele. Kim is constantly exploring creative challenges by developing fine art pieces for exhibition, purchase and commission. www.4x5design.com

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