ISSUE 12 - FALL 2021

Dear Readers,

As I write this editorial note, the first snow of the season lands in Ontario. As 2021 draws to a close, we continue to remain grateful for our all our readers, contributors, and editorial staff. This year has brought along portions of celebration, mourning, and an upheaval of our collaborative consciousness. As we begin to unravel all the fragments of our lived experiences, it is vital to lead with tenderness. We bring Issue Twelve to you with a combination of mirth and a sense of burgeoning. This note is also to remind you to participate in joy— in the ways in which you make it available in your life.

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On behalf of the editorial team.

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

ISSUE 12 Editors
Poetry Editor: Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Art / Photography / Fiction Editor: Harshal Desai
Fiction Editor: Cathy Ulrich

Front Cover Photo
‘Sunrise’ by Iniobong Usoro

Journal Layout and Cover Design
Harshal Desai


Sunbirds – May Chong

Since Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam in 1512 – Manahil Bandukwala

Awake – Laura Cesarco Eglin

Teach Me – Małgosia Halliop

I dreamt we were walking – Kate LaDew

except a tree – Brianne Battye

Collecting Hail – Laboni Islam

Abu, – Fatima Malik

To My Future Self – Gretchen Rockwell

In Memory – Susan Trofimow

Night Drive Through My Own Life – Hua Xi

Paper Alien, 1942 – Sara Truuvert

Umbilical – Caroline Stevens

Lineage – Tuhin Bhowal


4 Artworks – Natalie Rusinova

6 Artworks – Kat Abbott

6 Artworks – Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad

3 Artworks – Lee Davenport

5 Artworks – Iniobong Usoro