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Cross My Heart examines the places that are inhabited by grief, loss, and longing. Each scene transports viewers to a moment trapped in time. A time that almost feels forgotten, abandoned, or unseen. As we enter the grave, we feel a shared sense of mourning- perhaps for a person or even what simply was. When loss is experienced it is both communal and isolating. The grief that we share in our community has been rushed. But through this field of yellow grass and stubborn weeds, unmarked tombstones in turn represent what we miss most. In the church, we battle with the doubt or darkness as light or hope emerges through.

Cross My Heart 06
Cross My Heart 09
Cross My Heart 07
Cross My Heart 10
Cross My Heart 12
Cross My Heart 13

Denise Nichole, MFA, is the Publisher of The Hellebore Press & Founder of HUES. She teaches and resides in Sacramento, CA with her best friend. Her writing and photography is rooted in healing & liberation. For tender tweets and affirmations, follow her on Twitter @DNicholeAndrews.

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