3 Artworks – Cierra G. Rowe


There is a soothing presence in the intimacy of color and movement; something that gives the heart hope and caresses silent moments of melancholy.
Within each of these paintings, I focus on the spirit in the warmth of nature’s simplicity. As a whole, this trio of impasto paintings: ‘Pulsing Night’, ‘Sunflower Embrace’, and ‘Sunfaces’ embody light and life.


Born and raised in rural southern Kentucky, Cierra G. Rowe’s zeal for painting developed during her adolescence. Since then she continue to breathe life into her canvases, while reflecting through her brushstrokes. Cierra’s artwork has been featured in several online art and literary magazines, such as Sad Girl Review, MookyChick, The Lumiere Review, SOBER. Magazine, Candid Orange and many others, along with multiple features within art print magazines, including Art Reveal Magazine, Phoebe Journal, Magazine 43 and Almost Real Things.

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