ISSUE 04 - FALL 2018

Dear Readers,

We began Parentheses Journal in 2016 with tremendous faith in art as a site for restorative peace in the world. We trust the journey and labor of small things, and thank all our readers for joining us in our quest. We are ecstatic to have received many submissions from across the globe. We are honored by the faith you place in us and our diverse community of contributors. Thank you for keeping us busy and occupied with the multitude of submissions for Issue Four. These works by our contributors resist, celebrate and, sing.

We have a few announcements to share— Issue Four welcomes the incorporation of an interview feature of a poet compiled by our poetry editor Sneha Subramanian Kanta. We hope you enjoy these insightful conversations with the poets we love, as much as we take delight in bringing these to you. We are also thrilled to announce that we would be shifting to a tri-annual publication from Issue Five onward. There will now be summer, fall and winter editions of the journal. We hope to have your support in this endeavor. Finally, we welcome your comments, suggestions and letters as always.

We truly hope you enjoy the work of our lovely contributors in Issue Four.

In solidarity,

ISSUE 04 Editors
Poetry Editor: Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Art / Photography / Fiction Editor: Harshal Desai

ISSUE 04 Readers
Fiction Reader: Jimin Lee

Front Cover Photo
Stephen Linsteadt: Of Sky and Earth 31

Journal Layout and Cover Design
Harshal Desai


The Lady From The Choir Says, Your Mother Was A Saint – Miriam O’Neal

Tornado Tongue – Lois Marie Harrod

Migrating – Aaisha Salman

Hawk – F.I. Goldhaber

Snowed-in Soul – Matt Nagin

East Coast – Kylan Rice

Brief Encounters With Old Trains – Brian Baumgart

Star Stung – Benjamin Neispodziany

Backwater Rising – Michele Battiste

Onesies– Cameron Morse

Wind Chill – Cameron Morse

News From The Dead At Dozier School For Boys – Judith Roney

Hot water – Shrinkhala Dawadi

We Need To Stop Seeing The Body – S.K. Grout

Crazy Cat Lady Story – Ayla Walter

Rescue – Crystal Gibbins

Then Everyone Will See You – Terrence Abrahams

An Abstract On My Mood – Lorene Delany-Ullman

On The Day Stephen Hawking Died – Courtney LeBlanc

Field guide to the lost species of California – Iris Jamahl Dunkle

Letter From Damariscotta – Jennifer Flescher

Emily As It’s Horrendous Really – Darren C. Demaree


Granny In The Forest – Ariadne Wolf

Here At The Esplanade – Dr. Irving A. Greenfield

Salted Tongue – Jessica Simmons

Roulette – Eneida Alcalde

Chases – Ariadne Wolf

Original Sin – Sankar Chatterjee

The Secret Garden – Kassie Shanafelt


The Vigil – Sage Cotignola

No Place To Hide – Sage Cotignola

That Guy At Work – Sage Cotignola

Forest Haven – Sage Cotignola

Wing – Sandy Coomer

Daffodils – Sandy Coomer

Celestial – Sandy Coomer

Isthmus – Sandy Coomer

Confluence – Sandy Coomer

La Paz – Stephen Linsteadt

Of Sky And Earth 31 – Stephen Linsteadt

Of Sky And Earth 33 – Stephen Linsteadt


Gold Wall – Christopher Woods

Julene In The Woods – Rosemary Woodel

Seljandsfoss Waterfall – Vaidas Geguzis

Trakai – Vaidas Geguzis

Marvel Lithuania Lakes – Vaidas Geguzis

Vilnius – Vaidas Geguzis

Path to light – Vaidas Geguzis

Moletai Astronomical Observatory – Vaidas Geguzis

Vaiku pasaulis – Vaidas Geguzis