Star Stung – Benjamin Niespodziany

Starfling me, wring me a backlash pack,

a rat far from the farflung star slums

that stuff thick molasses in the weekend gym.


We can’t emphasize enough how wrong

the slongarm buff with the rough mustache

was, his coattail a cow tail from a snuff lip


showcase. Snow in a blow safe is symbolism

if you will it to ignite the Starlight Diner

with some frozen ice, the kind of flames


that killed the Terminator the second time.

He blew up like stirrups lined with dynamite

before ultimately melting in slow motion,


screaming greetings for the pain

he shouldn’t have felt from a boiler room melt.

I can only offer you my belt collection


that smells of snake skin leather. I am a collector

of elastic cheat codes that honor venom

and bare bellies, an ever expanding cavity


that takes up most of my host duties with danger.

If it pleases the court, we ask intact that you

resort to haunted houses built for corpses


only this maze chain holiday season can ignore.

The pumpkin dump trucks scoop up the sludge

to take to the orange landfill they call the Marriott Crow.

Benjamin Niespodziany

Benjamin Niespodziany is a night librarian at the University of Chicago. He runs the multimedia art blog [neonpajamas] and has had work published in Ghost City Press, HOOT review, Pithead Chapel (forthcoming), formercactus, and a small batch of others.

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