Hot Water – Shrinkhala Dawadi


First, take a thick paper towel

And remove any strands or clumps

of hair (yours or otherwise).

Also, try to get the weird lint,

The unwashed microfibre beads,

And millimetre-long hair clippings

That are only from shaved legs.

Then wipe everything down using

The cleaning product of your choice.

But before you remove the strainer

And plug the bath drain,

Let the faucet run for a bit

And allow the bleach to wash away.



The darkness is soft

And well scented.

I willfully let

The water get

A little too hot.

Do you know the feeling?

When you first submerge

Your shoulders and head,

Arms bracing against

The porcelain walls.

The heat is shocking,

Pulling on thick skin.

Muscle and fascia

Contracting, arched.

But eventually,

You sink into your

Self care, absorbing

Whatever oils

You deigned to pour

Into the water.

Shrinkhala Dawadi

Shrinkhala Dawadi is a freelance writer and master’s of psychiatry student living in Montreal, Canada. Keep up to date with her work by following her on twitter @shdawadi

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