Then Everyone Will See You – Terrence Abrahams

            after Spirited Away


taught to be a better    than other girls                        I was

the root of the issue     was the wind   taste of salt     

mud     medicine          dragon blood thick      and sweet       

over and over  child    like      stupor over and over  boy-body

unfolding in real time  desirous                       and available to shaping

spirits   noted substantial improvement           in my work ethic                    

when I took a new name                     a new body      but

every bridge I cross     I am still loved                        into breath-holding     

taught to work hard     to exist hard     to be hard        to be

dragon blood thick      as prayer          in real time      real spirits

asking what river made me      into two bodies                        with one shadow
Terrence Abrahams

Terrence Abrahams lives and writes quietly in Toronto. His work has appeared in the Puritan, (parenthetical), Peach Mag, tenderness, yea, Witch Craft Mag, and many gendered mothers, among others.

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