Roulette – Eneida Alcalde

As his twin sister counted aloud, six-year-old Mikey McGee crept up the rickety stairs, careful to not make any squeaks that might give away his next hiding spot. Upon reaching the attic, Mikey squinted in the gray darkness, pierced by streaks of sunlight streaming in through opposing side windows. He spotted the antique writing desk against the far wall, tucked in-between a pair of bookshelves, overstuffed with old books and magazines. He tiptoed to the desk. Nearing it, he noticed the top right drawer, left open. Typically, his father kept it shut with lock and key. Mikey peered inside and saw a revolver, gold and shiny. He took it.

Minutes later, his sister found him, sitting crossed-legged under the desktop, between the stacks of drawers. He grinned and pointed the revolver at her like the cowboys do in the movies. He pulled the trigger.

There were no bullets.

Eneida Alcalde

Inspired by her Chilean-Puerto Rican background, Eneida Alcalde writes about people, animals, and magic. Her stories have appeared in literary outlets such as the Stoneboat Literary Journal, As/Us, and The Acentos Review. You can learn more about her writing at

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