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My art is a documentation of my day to day experiences. When I travel around New South Wales, I always carry my sketchbook and pastels, noting down forms, shapes, and scenes in nature that call to me. I have been a nomad from the time I was born and have lived in three different countries. My work is an exploration of my connection to land. I currently live on the traditional land of the Gammergal people. I am especially inspired by Aboriginal history, and the symbols and motifs in the myths and creation stories of First Nations Australians.

I love pure, bright colours, and I am fascinated by the dazzling reds, oranges, and ochres of the Australian landscape. I work with acrylic and gouache, using palette knives and I love to experiment with textures and patterns. Painting transports me to a space of peace and satisfaction. I plan to continue with my artistic journey when I start University early next year.

Samarra Prahlad

Samarra Prahlad is an emerging Australian artist of Indian heritage. Her recent works have been published in Libretto Magazine, Sonic Boom Magazine, Amsterdam Quarterly, and Otoliths. She plays classical flute and rock piano, and performs in a wind ensemble. She lives in Sydney.

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