7 Photographs – Shelley Corcoran


The series Strength is the exploration of the construction of identity within the relationships between women in a contemporary world. These relationships are rich, having their own rules and rituals. My artist statement includes a poem titled Sisters that travels over the interconnection and alliance inside such bonds.

by Shelley Corcoran

Drain the last drops, strength to stand.
Layers pressed to the mattress, defy trepidation.

Restorative propensity binds us on this trail,
climbing dizzying cliff faces tethered.

Treacherous seas to reach shores.
Waft of saltwater that cleanses.

Jungle trekking with fate and
machetes slicing vines that grip.

Cloaks conceal fingernails cutting
in to skin as hurricanes seek us out.

A bullet of darkness knocks me,
fingers wrapped tight to a trigger.

Hands clutching sun-scorched bare feet,
blisters too hot to touch.

You are the author of my foundation.

Strength Series (1)
Strength Series (3)
Strength Series (5)
Strength Series (2)
Strength Series (4)
Strength Series (6)
Strength Series (7)

Shelley Corcoran an award winning Fine Art Photographer, won O’Brien’s International Competition, shortlisted for the Rex Roberts Award and Huawei Portrait Competition. Has exhibited worldwide including C4FAP and ISM USA, 411 Galleries China, Trieste, Italy & all across Ireland. Publications: SHOTS Magazine, USA, Zaragoza, Spain, Generazioni, Italy & many more.

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