ISSUE 05 - WINTER 2019

Dear Readers,

It has been a long and fruitful journey all the same for us at Parentheses Journal. We’re joyous to bring you our fifth issue, graced by the cover art of Ejoumale Djeramin, an artist based in India. When we began Parentheses Journal, we strived to create space for a diverse and international community of writers and artists.

As our publication grows, we’re thrilled to announce that Parentheses Journal is now tri-annual. Thank you to our talented contributors and lovely readers for staying with us on this journey.

Here’s to newer beginnings!

The Editors

ISSUE 05 Editors
Poetry Editor: Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Art / Photography / Fiction Editor: Harshal Desai

Front Cover Photo
‘Boats At Rest’ by Ejoumale Djeramin

Journal Layout and Cover Design
Harshal Desai


How Do You Say That In Farsi? — Leila Emery

Silver Bullet Day — Jill Mceldowney

Russell — Ryan Clark

The Mouth Of Mid-Morning — Rajani Radhakrishnan

Unhinged — Jason Harris

Natural History — Chloe Martinez

The Beauty Of Stark Things — Jo Angela Edwins

Moloch Upon Awakening — Michele Sharpe

Everything But — Lauren Bender

Animals That Own Animals — Manahil Bandukwala

A Window — Bernard Capinpin

How To Function In An Anxious State — Hannah VanderHart

To Go Unheard — Lee Potts

City Out Of Power After Dust Storm — Wanda Deglane

The Ganges At My Window — Jayant Kashyap

Spillway Of Sand — Amee Nassrene Broumand

The Grammar Of Gendered Appropriation — Hannah VanderHart

Vitreous Humor — Nancy Devine

Questions For A Waxing Crescent — Jessica Beyer

What Can I Offer In Space For A Name? — Ari Vargas


The Purple Bowl — Alice K. Boatwright

Animus — Terry Sanville

Summer Break — Rakhee Pant

Telling The Bees — Anita Goveas

Holding On — Eva Schlesinger

Apocalypse — Toti O’Brien

Waters Are Rising — Anita Goveas

The Fisherman’s Wife — Eva Schlesinger

Daisies Like Galaxies — Cathy Ulrich

Death Is Colder Than Space — Cathy Ulrich


Smiling of Gypsy — Ejoumale Djeramin

Monsoon — Ejoumale Djeramin

Night Walks — Ejoumale Djeramin

Boats At Rest — Ejoumale Djeramin

Banyan Tree After Rain — Ejoumale Djeramin


Euphorbia — Alice Becker

Dream Achieved — Fabrice Poussin

Gentleness — Fabrice Poussin

Fire In The Badlands — Fabrice Poussin

Perfection — Fabrice Poussin