Postcard From Santorini – Wilda Morris

A whitewashed village
with narrow cobblestone alleys
and blue-domed churches
rises from the cliffs

above the caldera’s rim.
I try to name all the hues
of the lagoon: cobalt, azure
cerulean, sapphire, indigo.

I want to ride a donkey
up the 580 steep steps,
come down on the cable car,
sun myself on a black sand beach,

watch the sun set over the Aegean,
sail out to the volcano,
and explore the ruins of ancient Thíra,
pondering if it really was Atlantis.

Your postcard from Santoríni
slips from my fingers.
How I wish I were there.





Wilda Morris


Wilda Morris has led poetry workshops for children and for adults in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Her book, Szechwan Shrimp and Fortune Cookies: Poems from a Chinese Restaurant, was published by RWG Press. Her poems have found homes in numerous anthologies as well as print and Internet journals, such as BorderSensesWhale River ReviewJournal of Modern Poetry andWhitefish Review. Wilda Morris’s Poetry Challenge at provides a poetry contest for other poets each month.

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