Blue – Sherry Rind

     Island of Rhodes



Silver filigree on a silver chain

the hamsa centers a bead

     the sky’s in the bead

where it meets the sea


the dome of the synagogue

is the clear blue of sky

     one dream colors the day


coffee for two

coffee for one

     the body memory of lift and pour


the eye expects

a form not there


     a drop of

panic winds like filigree

through the veins


the steps are white

and the pebbled walk to the door


the walls washed

chalk white, blue, pink


     the people wear black—

holes in space

bury the light


blue is a hush

a distance


far down the cliff

through the blue-green water

no end to anything

     but us.


Sherry RindSherry Rind is the author of four collections of poetry and editor of two books about Airedale terriers. She has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, Anhinga Press, Artist Trust, Seattle Arts Commission, and King County Arts Commission.

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