Nietzsche in Sils-Maria – Nicole Bradley

Tief   tief    tief

the world is tief


you said so yourself

on a cool summer day

on some high grassy mountain


in Sils-Maria


where evergreen trees shot into the sky

and tried to suck up the clouds


your eyes

reflecting back the swell of the earth

     green for miles    and miles


no need for others

to stand on that mountain with you

to watch the slopes fold into one another


like hellebore petals     like sheepskin

swaddling a child

late into the night

and shutting out the screaming

surge of the world


like hands tucked softly behind a sleeping lover’s head


like the echoes of a strain

falling in delicate layers

on the deep    sleeping    ground


and thus hearing the strain you spoke:

amor fati.



Nicole BradleyNicole Bradley live in Kansas City, Missouri where she work as a K-3 Literacy Tutor and sing the many praises of their local craft beers. She has previously been published in Canvas where she received the awards in “Best Poetry” and “Best Prose.”


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