The Dream of Hide and Seek – Daniel Stewart

Maybe meaning

is the search

for meaning. Today

I am tired. I slept

like a ghost wanders.

I slept so hard I folded

into myself the way

the tulips last night

wilted from a late

spring frost. The cats

didn’t even recognize

  1. They didn’t build

a temple to the God

of Absence out

of my breath. It’s a

waste; time flakes

like dead skin from

my hands, a righteous

slough. Time taps its

own face, tisk tisk.

I considered beauty,

but I was only a child,

and what was more beautiful

than silence? I’m

still learning to speak,

still learning my

lessons, still counting

to 100 while everyone

hides. There are tracks

in the grass; someone’s

trampled the daffodils.

The search bores me.

Now I am the God

of Absence. It’s your turn

to be it. If you want me

come find me. If not

let me sleep.



daniel stewartDaniel Stewart teaches for the Writers in the Schools. The author of the collection of poetry, The Imaginary World (Wolf Peach Press), his poems appeared in or are forthcoming from BOAAT, Rattle, Prairie Schooner, Educe: A Journal of Queer Literature, Parentheses, Sixfold, Thrush Poetry Journal, Yes Poetry, Scab, and elsewhere.

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