ISSUE 07 - FALL 2019

Dear Readers,

As we encounter the beginning of autumn, joy lurks someplace near. We bring you Issue Seven with some fascinating works by our talented contributors. It is a time of reckoning as we begin to experience the world in nuanced and common ways.

In the words of Maxine Hong Kingston, “In a time of destruction, create something”. Creation is resistance, resurrection, and a conversation with oneself and the forces around us. Create something today, even the smallest ounce of creation is an embodiment of the holy, an offering as you give of yourself.

We had a whopping number of submissions this reading period, and we are ecstatic to receive the support of all our readers and contributors.

We hope you enjoy Issue Seven, and we welcome your thoughts, comments, and feedback.


The Editors

ISSUE 07 Editors
Poetry / Interview Editor: Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Art / Photography / Fiction Editor: Harshal Desai
Fiction Editor: Cathy Ulrich

Fiction Readers
Bhumika Choudhary, Emma Stevenson

Front Cover Photo
‘No Uncommon Destination 2’ by Tatiana Garmendia

Journal Layout and Cover Design
Harshal Desai


Rain In March – Romana Iorga

Terror Management Theory – Emma Bolden

Threshold – Katherine Fallon

Scar Tissue – Christine Taylor

In The Blue Hue of Morning – Jason D. Ramsey

& Delilah – Brandon Thurman

Mouse Bones, Too – Theodore Worozbyt

A History of Handiwork – Sarah Nance

There Is Wind – Jack B. Bedell

The Lady In Saffron – Priyanka Sacheti



Easy Sweep Of Sky – Tatiana Garmendia

No Uncommon Destination 2 – Tatiana Garmendia

Pink Dancers – Tatiana Garmendia

Seven Veils of Koi Waltzing – Tatiana Garmendia

Zephyr in the Garden – Tatiana Garmendia

Floral 51 – Cynthia Yatchman

Floral 52 – Cynthia Yatchman

Floral 53 – Cynthia Yatchman


Boundaries – Elle Danbury

Radagast’s Escape – Elle Danbury

Autumn Ground Cover 1 – Alice Becker

Autumn Ground Cover 2 – Alice Becker