Piano Concerto No. 17 – Jack B. Bedell

		for Ann Dobie 

	I. Allegro 

How quick the gifts of a spring morning, 
sprinkled on us like birdsong. The last 
breeze left from winter, crisp and bright 
as sunlight against blue sky. 
The play of low clouds along 
a mountain range in the distance, 
dance of air through wind chimes. 
No threat of afternoon rain, no 
drag of work undone, or phone 
ringing inside the house, can 
staunch the flow, or ever run it dry. 

	II. Andante 

Few things in this life 
can match the pleasure 
of setting a table for family— 
the promise of togetherness, 
completion of circle, 
the balance of plates 
and silverware. And no matter 
if some seats are left empty 
now, memories and love 
and stories will fill them 
as soon as food is served. 

	III. Allegretto—Presto 

A burst of sunshine on the porch. 
The sudden flash of color 
as a cardinal lands to feed. 
This is how time loses meaning 
to the wisps of sound 
seeds make falling to ground.
Jack B. Bedell

Jack B. Bedell teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University where he edits Louisiana Literature and directs Louisiana Literature Press. His work has been included in Best Microfiction and Best Spiritual Literature. His latest collection is Against the Woods’ Dark Trunks. He served as Louisiana Poet Laureate 2017-2019.

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