strobium – Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

ancient slippage[⸻]the light
                                 decay between farsea and a tide pool pleating into my imperfect
         that suncribbles defy and kelpcables that defy sunscribbles for[⸻]now[⸻]in this
                                     of shingles[⸻]slices of elephant seals doze next to slices 
elephant-sealed on the sand[⸻]a bull
                                     buffers to his bae in a hymnody of gutpuns[⸻]oblivious
         to us spangled on sans-serifed
                                     boulders[⸻]when i scream
                            i only hear my heartbeat
                                                           [⸻]errorising preen of a strobe
there is a way out[⸻]this is a
                  for the wind wishing[⸻]a turn[⸻]at persistent 
                                  absences between rows of quartz teeth[⸻]like soda caps scooped 
spot an estranged kelp bulb a 7mm
                                        Allen wrench a white heron the sound[⸻]of waves till the 
                                sound hits the 
aquifered orogenies[⸻]ancient spillage
Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

Shriram Sivaramakrishnan graduated from Boise State University’s MFA program in May 2022. Some of his recent poems have appeared in Rivulet, DIAGRAM, among others. He tweets at @shriiram.

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