Postmortem – Patty Ware

After Lucie Brock-Broido                                              

Why is family such a fuzzy word. Who said seven
was a lucky number. Has he ever answered
your phone calls. Is it possible
there was trauma. Did I imagine we grew up
together. Does God play
any role here. Which military base
do you remember best. Did only the girls go
to Catholic schools. Can you pinpoint
when our house began its decline.
Do you ever use the term
half-brother. What year did we travel to
the Philippines. Did you know his father
died too. Have you ever swabbed
your DNA. Why is she certain
she doesn’t need therapy. Did you hate being one
of the three little ones. Is there a nightmare
that plagues you. Which singer made mom
swoon. What happens after we die. Did dad ever
bring you to the bar with him. When was the last time
you went to Mass. Does holding on to past
wrongs cause cancer. Can you confirm that we
are fixable. How many should I set
the table for. What color have you painted
your grief. Do you think he was abused
by that priest. Is it safe to vape while wearing
a canula. Have you ever met
vulnerable. When was the last time we all danced.
Is obligatory serenity a new
therapy technique. In what season did mom last
try to end it all. Please share your fondest
memory of our childhood. How old were you
when you got your first library card. Without
peeking, what year did dad die. Can you name
our family theme song. How good
are your acting skills. True or False: Family is
a sacred chalice or a dark room with black wire
across the windows.
Patty Ware

Patty Ware is a fanatical believer in the power of practicing gratitude, and is convinced the best part of each day is the quiet solitude of early morning. She lives in the rainforest of Juneau, Alaska. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Literary Mama, Gyroscope Review, and Cirque.

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