Multitasking – Ryan Oliver Drendel

as soon as you can
you better call me


as a cracked screen caches
a country of stolen sunsets


as wildfire ash shushes
an altar of lemon petals


as our myths make us look
up how to multitask again


as a computer studies stars
you stare into the in-between


as the lemon trees across
the street start shivering


as we agree to let go
of the other’s final leaf


as a shoeless cyclist keeps
lapping a parking lot alone


as we forget to look both ways
as we enter the intersection

Ryan Oliver Drendel earned his MFA from Northern Arizona University. He now curates Flagstaff Cycle-Zine! and serves on the board of the Northern Arizona Book Festival. His work can be found in publications like Complete SentenceQuince Magazine, and Meridian.

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