Me and Mrs. Fisher – Laura Potts

The world lit its lights

and hung pearls in our eyes

like trembling moons

under darkling stars.


The night

saw the city asleep

and aslope

as the land fell away to the left and the right,

the sight of the globes in your eyes

nightjars in pale pools of light.


I remember you

walking the walls

the moon in your stride

the dizzy tomorrows

full in your smile,


a starlight for two,

the glowing darkness

and you,

all the days of my life.


After that,

the hills candled bright.


Fifty years away

and we are still in this place,

where a distant future, beautiful,




Laura Potts

Laura Potts, twice-named a Foyle Young Poet, was shortlisted in The Oxford Brookes Poetry Prize and nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2017. She was also named a Poetry Business New Poet and became one of the BBC’s New Voices. Her first BBC radio drama Sweet The Mourning Dew was broadcast at Christmas 2017′.

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